Frequently Asked Questions

We have a signed contract, what happens now?

We will meet at your residence to start measuring the areas in the scope of work. We will also have a much more thorough conversation about your project, your design needs, wants, do’s and don’ts. We typically ask for you to put together an ideabook on Houzz or Pinterest with at least 5 images that represent spaces that you like or are drawn to help us narrow things down and get a better understanding of your “style”.


What are your hours of availability?

Our office hours are Mon-Thurs from 9:30-6pm, Fridays from 9:30-4pm. Saturdays are by appointment and we are closed on Sundays.


What’s the best way to communicate?

Since we are usually out on the road at job sites or meetings, email is our #1 preference for communication. Most emails are replied within 24 hours on weekdays. Anything sent over the weekend will get a response by end of the next business day. If you have a question that needs a quicker response please feel free to call or send us a text message. We just ask that you please be patient as you may not get a response right away if we are tied up at another project.


How long will the entire process take?

The average project takes between 3-6 months. Full renovation/construction projects may take up to 2 years. This all depends on the time of year (fall is the busiest season, winter is the slowest). Other contributing factors are: permits, the size of your project, and decision making process/availability of items, and unforeseen circumstances.


Do I have to purchase items through you? OR can I purchase them directly?

This is completely up to you! If you hire us to do the purchasing, any trade discounts that we receive are passed on to you as courtesy for using our services. You can always purchase them directly at the retail cost. To the trade items (such as wallpaper, fabrics, custom furnishings and window treatments) must be purchased through Concept 2 Design to benefit from trade programs. Check is always preferred, but if you rather rack up points on your cc, we accept credit card payments subject to the processing fee noted on the signed contract.


Why aren’t there any accessories in the presentations?

At the first presentation, we focus on overall design concept, space planning, materials and main furniture pieces. As the design begins to develop we start including specific finishes, accent furnishings, and some accessorizing. We feel that accessories should be a combination of the design concept and your personality. With that said, we like to get to know you through the process before we start recommending artwork and accessories. When we are ¾ of the way in, we will then discuss how to move forward with artwork and accessories (unless the room is being designed around particular pieces of art/accessories)


What are installations?

Throughout the course of the project, we will have several installations. Larger ones such as cabinetry installations, counter-tops and hard materials (flooring, tile, etc) will take place first. Then we will have “softer” installations such as wallpaper, window treatments and the like, once all larger installations are completed. The final installation is the decoration one (AKA Reveal Day). We usually try to do this portion all in one day, unless it’s a full house decoration (inc. furniture deliveries) which may take place over several days.


Do you have to be at all installations?

We will always notify you of installations that will be taking place. You can then decide if you would like us to project manage the installation or if you are ok in doing so. We understand that these are additional services, so you get to pick and choose when and IF you need us there. The final installation, although not mandatory, is important in completing the project and bringing in the final pieces to tie everything together. We will schedule this once all construction work is completed and furniture is received.


Do you hang artwork/wall décor at the final installation?

We can bring in a team to help us hang artwork and assemble accent furnishings on installation day at your request. If you rather tackle this yourself, we will label all walls where items will go, and you take it from there!

Have more questions?

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